RESET Tourism Sustainability event May 25th

I can sometimes get quite overwhelmed with all the pieces of project work through the different channels of Emergent Thinkers, hanfod.NL and the Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society, and try not to duplicate messages very often, but I think this one is worth pulling through today.

David and I are honoured to support TLC Harmony‘s fantastic Tourism Sustainability hybrid event on the 25th May 2021. Organised by our Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society friends, Nicki Page (founder of TLC Harmony) and Executive Director, Leo Downer ( and supported by our project advisors, The Harmony Institute, we are enthused to contribute to this very powerful agenda and welcome the attention on ‘The Harmony Golden Ratio Quality Mark’. Opening marks by HRH Prince of Wales.

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Sustainable Tourism and Development Virtual Conference
25th May 2021, 8.30am GMT

Professor David A Kirby                                                                    Mrs Felicity Healey-Benson

Co-Founders, The Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society

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