Birthday Pirate Repledge

Tickled ‘Be More Pirate’ pink for my birthday card from my Mum today.

Maturing birthdays bring all sorts of reflections, stirring and amplifying aspirations. And to be fair, my pirate-self spirit powerfully stirs. Well timed, given my pirate parley in less than 48 hours in Lincoln at Bishop Grosseteste University.

Pirate Mindset

Being more pirate is an ongoing repositioning of yourself in relation to the rules. Not a fixed personality type or archetype. Not a permanent state. If it were, it would be predictable and lose what is essential about it in the first place. The pirate rebellion is a continual reinvention, a way of being which is constantly disrupting itself. This fluidity enables a more sophisticated response to changing circumstances, and what makes pirates unpredictable and powerful (Conniff & Barker, 2020)

A poem I find inspirational, and captured in the ‘How to be More Pirate’ book is Rise to You by Sophia Thakur

With every tomorrow

And next time

And one day

And soon come

The sun grows tired of our waiting,

Our excuses and entitled patience

Our confidence in the second chance

That forever holds us from taking one

What if one day the night never comes

And the sun holds the sky hostage

And acted upon aspirations are the price to pay

For night to ever come again?

How many twenty-fours would it take

to give action to these ideas?

Pump action into you

Whether it’s making that call or making that plan

The sun shines brightest on those who stand.

That’s it: short and sweet – a reminder to myself and to others, don’t under estimate the 21st century pirate, and there’s always a better way to do things, create something radically better.

 Sam Conniff & Alex Barker (2020) ‘How to Be More Pirate’, OWN IT!

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