My EntreCompEdu Cafe ‘Vlogging as an assessment device’ VIDEO

Really pleased to share my time in the EntreCompEdu cafe last month pitching my vlog summative assessment, or quite specifically, PCV (Professional Context Vlog) as an assessment device. Really had a lot of fun making this one, especially the taking of the great questions from some of the participants at the end!

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and the help booklet

EntreCompEdu :

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4 Replies to “My EntreCompEdu Cafe ‘Vlogging as an assessment device’ VIDEO”

  1. This sounds interesting, and I shall come back to read it more carefully after I finish my writing for the day, Felicity: thank you for directing me to your site from LinkedIn.
    Best regards,

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      1. You are welcome, Felicity, and I appreciate your support for my LinkedIn posts, and my blog, where they originate.
        In Service to Critical Thinking for Human Community,

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