EntreCompEdu Global Online Graduation

This is a post I have been very keen to share for a couple of weeks. May’s online EntreCompEdu Global Graduation event..

Eat your heart out Eurovision – EntreCompEdu knows how to rock a wrap party! The EntreCompEdu Online Global Graduation was the culmination of so much fizz-popping energy, joy, and learning across a collective drawn from 52 countries. Teachers and learning professionals, thriving, despite COVID, building and learning together, and now, as EntreCompEdu Teacher Pioneers embracing a brighter, more creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial teaching future.

Click on the link/people pic to follow through to the full share on the event, the interactions, and some of the learning outputs.

From top left: Hazel Israel, Carin Sävetun, Paloma Lozano, 

Second row: Fran van Oers, Radmil Polenakovik, Lea Oksanen, Marianella Parra

Third row: Paul Ranson, Trajce Velkovski, Pirju Kuru, Felicity Healey-Benson, Pablo Zamora

Fourth row: Russell Grigg, Nastasija Shterjova, Angela Dibenedetto, Pablo Tapia Gutierrez

Front row: Elin McCallum

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