Finally, the PCV unboxed this morning…

‘Designing Courses with Digital Technologies’ released 3rd August 2021

Book production is a long affair, so I had already excitedly shared back in March in ‘From Pitch to Published’ that my ‘Professional Context Vlog’ as an assessment device had made the cut in the new 2021 Routledge academic publication edited by Professor Stefan Hrastinski, KTH Royal Institute of Technology at Mid Sweden University.

As a ‘bibliophile’ breeding more bibliophiles there is something crazily special from touching the ‘end product’….so lots of excitement here on a summer holiday Thursday!

It was just too exciting to not share the joy in the homestead today as the book following its release last week arrived in the post this morning, although my daughter has asked if we can wait to read it tonight at bedtime as it’s a bit long for right now LOL…and to be fair that is probably the most joyous place to take one’s book, academic or otherwise – turns out that makes us mother and daughter librocubicularists!

Special thanks to The International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) who gave the PCV its first break at the ICDE’s  28th World Conference on Online Learning, Dublin, Ireland, 4-7th November 2019 and more recently Professor Stefan Hrastinski and the publishing team at Routledge.

Hoping everyone having some well earnt time off this August!!

Be back soon…


If you missed the journey of the PVC from birth to book…you can trace back through the old posts to 2019

From pitch to published: new heights for the ‘vlog’ as an assessment device

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