School GEW projects generate joy and value

Our EntreCompEdu Global School pioneers at Dafen School have been busy honing their entrepreneurial skills, and last month sprung into action to engage in Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2021, a key date in the global calendar to celebrate the innovators and job creators who bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. During this week school pupils set to work on various projects which made use of naturally sourced or recycled materials, with an eye on integrating efforts for forthcoming events such as World Science Day, Remembrance Day and Christmas.

The very youngest of the school joyously focused on curiosity, experimentation, innovation and resilience, setting their sights on keeping the Gingerbread Man dry this Christmas, building bridges and boats reusing junk materials and loose parts. Testing their creations, they learnt from both success and failure.  Oh what fun they had.

The foundation year repurposed natural materials and waste to produce bespoke hand-made ethical and sustainable decorations using their own-grown willow off-cuts and beeswax. Their self-styled advertising campaign generating high demand for their outputs.  Selling like hotcakes in these last few weeks of Christmas preparation, they’re a sustainable big hit!

Foundation 2 investigated and carried out an experiment on how germs are spread. The children saw a need to keep hands clean and wanted to develop a hand sanitiser.

The children worked so well together as a team to produce ‘Santa Sanitiser’, now on sale. Wow, an environmentally friendly product – kind to hands and the environment. Very harmonious!

Blywyddn 3 designed, produced and sold their own Christmas card collections, spotting a gap in the market for bespoke and handmade design.

The juniors spotted the opportunities to think sustainably by repurposing egg boxes collected from home to make Christmas Pudding Seed Bombs to sell to friends and family. They sure enjoyed getting messy making the pulp from the boxes, and even though moulding was tricky, they persevered and succeeded. They have been fantastically imaginative and creative in their designs for their bespoke packaging of their wild flower seed bombs, for which, demand outweighs supply.

Finally, the higher juniors got creative designing a Remembrance Garden. Using profit from a previous entrepreneurial project they kept within their new budget, ‘worked with others’ to plan the size and design of garden, making good use of their maths skills.

Blwyddyn 5/6were so excited to take a large donation of plants from Stevie Bee Nurseries in Pwll, Llanelli. Diolch yn fawr ! 

They’ve planned the positioning of flowers based on their colour, height and blooms so precisely.

This is just a snapshot of all the week for the children at Dafen School, our future value creators. Congratulations to all children and staff. It is clear everyone has been learning by doing, generating joy for themselves and others, having fun indoors and outdoors, behaving ethically and sustainably, and  all the while, generating well-earnt profits to plough back into more great projects in the new term. 

One thing is for sure, these children won’t be waiting for November 2022 for another GEW celebration to spring into action, something tells me they are already planning their next ventures and adventures.

Back in the summer UWTSD’s Dr Christine Jones, Interim Dean of the Institute of Education and Humanities, celebrated the EntreComp framework work, which had originally launched on UWTSD campus, adding that a framework will only bring value if there are individuals who embrace it with enthusiasm, energy, and passion, as exemplified in Dafen School. “At UWTSD entrepreneurial education is core to our values and informs our mission to transform education and to transform lives. We are proud to be part of a community which embraces the changes needed. In such a new environment we are all learning from one another so that we can develop learners who are equipped to deal with an ever-changing world. Dafen’s commitment is a beacon of light that we can all learn from.” Dafen School is supported by International Institute of Creative Entrepreneurial Development, UWTSD, representing as lead partner and the school’s EntreCompEdu trainer.

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